Rebecca Blue is a filmmaker from the Inland Empire


Oh, you know you were going to stalk it anyways.

I’m only making the inevitable more convenient for you.

Look at that! I’m already helping you out.

We should just work together already.

We shoot people for a living.

don't believe me? - see for your self.



4 FUN FACTS (that are completely IRRELEVANT)

➡ I know every episode of FRIENDS like the back of my hand.

I try incorporate my trivial knowledge into everyday life.

➡ I snuggle my dog Wintson every night when I go to bed.

I don’t know where he learned it, but I hope he never grows out of it.

➡ Hip- Hop music is my genre of choice. Throw on a Chris Brown throwback

and I promise I can out- rap anyone. #sorrynotsorry

➡ I’m proud of my Korean roots. Annyeong-haseyo!